About Us

Our purpose is to preserve the memories of Ghana, Nigeria, Côte d'Ivoire, Benin and Togo. The memories and stories about their people, organisations and places create a lasting legacy for future generations.


We are dedicated to presenting both content and technology that elegantly immortalizes West Africa's legacy. Through our narratives, we aim to fortify the shared memories and heritage of Ghana, Nigeria, Côte d'Ivoire, Benin and Togo.

The Company

Remembers Group is an online publishing group that started with the platform GhanaRemembers.com, and intends to roll out similar platforms across the African continent. Our initial foray is directed towards the vibrant countries of West Africa, like Nigeria, Côte d'Ivoire, Togo and Benin.

Our B2B Services

Custom Media Solutions
We create tailor-made solutions for parties that cherish their heritage and want to honour icons of their organisations.
Online Publisher Services
We provide various services to online publishers, for free, against a charge or on a partnership model basis.
Digital Funeral Services
We provide funeral businesses with white label (in your branding) versions of all our memorial products:
We offer regular online display advertising, as well as listing, sponsoring, DM and tailor-made promotion services

Core Values

We aim high, seeking to honour the rich heritage of Ghana with the best storytelling when looking back. We like to find better solutions and improve ourselves daily. We do not take no for an answer.
We embrace innovation. In online publishing, we make the online content easily accessible. We always look for better ways to present content of the past to our visitors.
We are better together. We gather the qualities that are needed for better results and we are open to partnerships to create more value for all of our stakeholders.
The tales of old fuel our curiosity to explore what lies beyond the horizon. We seek to learn and evolve, ensuring a wiser, brighter future. We are proactive rather than reactive. We seek to understand before we want to be understood.

Explanation Of Logo

The logo of Remembers Group is derived from the symbol that stands for Sankofa:
This symbol is a combination of the G and R initials in Ghana Remembers rendered to form a modernised Sankofa like symbol. The symbol represents quest for knowledge based on past events. critical examination, intelligent and patient investigation.

Quotes About How Important It Is Not To Forget

“Those who would judge us merely by the heights we have achieved would do well to remember the depths from which we started.”

Kwame Nkrumah

"History is a relentless master. It has no present, only the past rushing into the future. To try to hold fast is to be swept aside."

John F. Kennedy


We are an adept multicultural team with people from Ghana, The Netherlands, Bulgaria and India. Most of us have worked together in the online publishing industry with a focus on Africa.
Marc is a veteran in online publishing and advertising. He worked with leading online publishers and media agencies. He has been active in Africa for a long time and recently as CEO of AfricaWeb.
Ismail Akwei is an international journalist, digital media specialist, media viability consultant, media trainer, product manager, editor, writer, and media manager with over a decade’s worth of experience working with multinational media companies across the world.
Joost Donkers supports publishers with programmatic advertising solutions, technical SEO and data intelligence adviser.
Ivan Pavlov is a professional in software design, specifications, development and management. He is the brain and engine behind the scalable Remembers platform.
Surajit Halder is a skilled UI/UX designer and possesses a deep understanding of user behavior and psychology, enabling him to create intuitive interfaces that seamlessly guide the users through their digital experiences.





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We are an Africa-focused digital solutions company providing advanced and innovative publishing and advertising services to add value to online platforms.